Amos Lee

When Amos Lee first started attending college at the University of South Carolina, he had no plans to become a musician, but a gift he received changed his path and turned him into a highly-acclaimed singer/songwriter -- and one of Ellen's favorite artists.

After receiving a guitar as a present from his stepfather, Lee began taking a stronger interest in music and performing. Following graduation, he moved to his hometown of Philadelphia and took a job as a teacher. Two years later, he decided to change paths and begin working toward a professional career as a musician. He created a self-produced, five-song EP that not only landed him a deal at Blue Note Records, but also caught the attention of Norah Jones, who invited him to open on her tour. He also performed in shows with Bob Dylan, Van Morrison and Paul Simon.

In 2005, Amos Lee released his self-titled debut album -- which hit #2 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart. Many of the singles were used in popular television shows, including "Brothers & Sisters" and "ER." A year later, he followed it up with another album, "Supply and Demand."

Lee's third album, 2008's "Last Days at the Lodge," found him the most success -- hitting the Top 40 charts. His audience has grown consistently with each album and will only continue to grow with his latest album, "Mission Bell." The album features appearances by Willie Nelson, Calexico, and Lucinda Williams.

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