Allen Stone

In 2010, he recorded an album that he digitally released through his own label. A second album, simply titled “Allen Stone,” followed in the fall of 2011 and quickly became a success. Online sales took the album to the Top Five of the iTunes R&B/Soul chart, and it placed on Billboard's Heatseekers chart, all without a formal distribution deal. A music video of "Unaware - Allen Stone - Live from His Mother's Living Room" has been viewed over 1,600,000 times on YouTube. Allen Stone has been compared to everyone from Stevie Wonder to Amy Winehouse to Justin Timberlake.

Allen Stone was born and raised in a small town in Washington and grew up on gospel and Christian music, and led youth worship groups at his church when he was only 14. In his teens, he developed a taste for classic soul music and vintage R&B. After only one semester in college, he dropped out, began writing songs, and soon put together a band with a handful of local musicians.

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