Ellen's Super Bowl Prediction Show Clip
Ellen's Super Bowl Prediction
Ellen's Super Bowl Prediction With the Super Bowl coming up, Ellen predicted the winning team using a scientifically proven method.  Watch Video
Carolina Panthers Cutie-Pie Photo
Carolina Panthers Cutie-Pie
Carolina Panthers Cutie-Pie Jonathan F. from Charlotte, North Carolina sent in this picture of his granddaughter, Hannah. She’s all set to cheer on the Panthers in the big… See Photo
Itty-Bitty Broncos Fan Photo
Itty-Bitty Broncos Fan
Itty-Bitty Broncos Fan Danielle H. from Albuquerque, New Mexico took this photo of her son Elijah. A few more years and he’ll be ready to get out on the field! Check out… See Photo
The 9th Planet Show Clip
The 9th Planet
The 9th Planet Ellen has all the details on the newest planet to be discovered. Watch Video
This Dog Knows How to Mind His Manners good news
This Dog Knows How to Mind His Manners
This Dog Knows How to Mind His Manners Even more than humans! Read More
Well, He Tried good news
Well, He Tried
Well, He Tried It worked out okay for the fish though. Read More
Ellen’s Football Fan Photos Photo
Ellen’s Football Fan Photos
Ellen’s Football Fan Photos Ellen loves football, and so do her fans! See who’s ready for the Super Bowl right here! See Photos
Fun Facts! Heidi Klum Photo
Fun Facts! Heidi Klum
Fun Facts! Heidi Klum See Photo
Join Ellen's #BeKindToOneAnother Campaign!
Join Ellen's #BeKindToOneAnother Campaign!
Join Ellen's #BeKindToOneAnother Campaign! Check out some amazing ways that kindness is being spread around the world. Get inspired, here! Read More
Amazon's Food Delivery Drone Show Clip
Amazon's Food Delivery Drone
Amazon's Food Delivery Drone Check out Amazon's yummy, delicious, new delivery service! Watch Video
Purrrfect Teamwork Photo
Purrrfect Teamwork
Purrrfect Teamwork Ashley C. from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania snapped this photo of her Bengal cats, Titan and Casper, working together to climb their new scratch post.… See Photo
President Obama's Prized Possession Show Clip
President Obama's Prized Possession
President Obama's Prized Possession In a recent interview, President Obama showed his love for Ellen with one of his favorite accessories. Watch Video