Win a Nest Thermostat! Article
Win a Nest Thermostat!
Win a Nest Thermostat! Enter here, and you have a chance to win a Nest Thermostat! Enter here
Shutterfly Supports Education Article
Shutterfly Supports Education
Shutterfly Supports Education Tunde is a high school senior in Oakland, California, but people don't believe he has a 5.0 GPA, scored a 2,100 on his SATs and has been accepted… Read More
It's a Gift Show Clip
It's a Gift
It's a Gift Ellen talked to her audience about registering for presents. Watch Video
Got Nun Talent Show Clip
Got Nun Talent
Got Nun Talent "The Voice" in Italy found a special talent in a nun. Not to be outdone, Ellen has a new show of her own. Watch Video
Loni Love's Love Advice Show Clip
Loni Love's Love Advice
Loni Love's Love Advice The comedian gave some advice of a romantic nature to members of Ellen's audience. Watch Video
Happy Administrative Assistants' Day! Show Clip
Happy Administrative Assistants' Day!
Happy Administrative Assistants' Day! Ellen celebrated by surprising two of the show's administrative assistants with some very special surprises. Watch Video
Incredible Breakdancer Mace Maya Show Clip
Incredible Breakdancer Mace Maya
Incredible Breakdancer Mace Maya He may be just 10 years old, but his talent is about to leave you blown away! Watch Video
Did You Miss Yesterday’s Episode? Episode
Did You Miss Yesterday’s Episode?
Did You Miss Yesterday’s Episode? Watch all of the clips in one place on Ellen's episode page! Check it out! See Episode
Phillip Phillips Performs 'Raging Fire' Show Clip
Phillip Phillips Performs 'Raging Fire'
Phillip Phillips Performs 'Raging Fire' The "American Idol" winner was in the studio and give an awesome performance! Watch Video
Hadley Watching Ellen Photo
Hadley Watching Ellen
Hadley Watching Ellen Carly P. from Glenmont, New York sent in this photo of Baby Hadley getting down to her favorite show. Looks like she's got a long dancing career… View Gallery
Heads Up! Ellen Pompeo Gives Body Part Hints to Ellen Show Clip
Heads Up! Ellen Pompeo Gives Body Part Hints to Ellen
Heads Up! Ellen Pompeo Gives Body Part Hints to Ellen In a special round of "Heads Up!" called "Body Language," Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo performed for a blindfolded Ellen. See how well they did,… Watch Video
Ellen Pompeo Plays Doctor with Ellen Show Clip
Ellen Pompeo Plays Doctor with Ellen
Ellen Pompeo Plays Doctor with Ellen After ten years of playing a doctor, our host thought Ellen Pompeo was ready for a challenging round of "Heads Up!" that was all anatomy! See how Ms.… Watch Video