Samsonite Surprises Rob and Reece Scheer!

Today, two incredible men, Rob and Reece Scheer, were on the show to tell their extremely inspiring story. After adopting four children and seeing how the kids were brought to homes with their few belongings in a trash bag, Rob and Reece created a nonprofit called “Comfort Cases.” 

Comfort Cases provides foster kids with backpacks filled with necessary supplies for entering foster homes, including a new pair of pajamas, toothbrush and soap. Ellen’s friends at Samsonite heard about Comfort Cases and they decided to surprise Rob and Reece Scheer with a check for $10,000 so they can continue filling cases and helping foster kids all around the world. Not only did they surprise them with $10,000, they also gave them $40,000 in Samsonite products! Samsonite makes innovative and durable luggage. You can find out more information, here!