Sabra Is Celebrating National Hummus Day!

To prepare for National Hummus Day on May 13, Ellen partnered with her friends at Sabra for a live commercial! Ellen quickly realized something was off when all of the hummus she was supposed to use was gone, and mysteriously enough, her new props assistant had a guilty look all over his face. Because it disappeared and there was no hummus left to share, Ellen gave her audience $150 Target gift cards, so they could go buy lots of Sabra hummus for themselves!

Sabra is America's favorite hummus because it is made with simple, fresh ingredients that don't compromise between great taste and better for you. Do you ever feel hungry between meals, but don't know what to eat? Well, Sabra Hummus is the perfect and delicious "Unofficial Meal" to satisfy your hunger! Celebrate National Hummus Day and find out more information about the "Unofficial Meal" right here!