Capital One Surprises Shane and Jenny with $25,000!

This year, Capital One launched the “Banking Reimagined Tour” to highlight how they are redesigning the banking experience, and today, their mobile truck came to the Ellen studio! After Shane Yambor and Jenny Hopkins shared their financial dream in the Capital One experience, Ellen invited them to play a fun game of “Dice with Ellen” for a chance to win $25,000!

Shane and Jenny have been together for over seven years and are currently saving for their dream wedding. They recently moved from Maryland to Florida, and due to Jenny’s student loans, they've been unable to set aside enough money for their nuptials. Shane and Jenny are both the first in their respective families to graduate from college, and have had to face financial adversity to get where they are today. Jenny currently has over $40,000 in student loan debt. Shane reached out to Ellen hoping she could help him give his fiancée the wedding of their dreams.

Ellen’s friends at Capital One wanted to help Shane give Jenny her dream wedding, so they surprised them with $25,000! Capital One offers money coaching and workshop programs so they can help empower people to feel more confident with their money. With money coaching, Capital One helps you visualize your ideal financial situation and build a road map to achieve it. You can find out more about Capital One, here!