Capital One Surprises an Entire Office of Fans in NYC 

Today, Ellen surprised Marissa and 24 of her coworkers at their office in Manhattan. Marisa and her colleagues are all huge fans of the show, and they say Ellen is the reason everyone in the office became friends. 

They schedule meetings specifically to watch Ellen videos, and have happy hours where they watch the show and play "Heads Up!" The entire team is inspired by Ellen’s generosity, and because of that, they give back to their community through clothing drives and by volunteering in soup kitchens.

Capital One believes people deserve a bank that’s truly on their side, and wanted to share the love with the show. Ellen’s friends at Capital One loved the spirit, enthusiasm and dedication of Marisa and her coworkers, so they surprised them all with flights and tickets to see a live taping of the show for Ellen’s Getaway NY to L.A.! You can find out more about Capital One, here!