Shutterfly Gives $10K to Focused Intensity Foundation!

Today, Ellen invited Ryan Leaf on the show to talk about his story and foundation! Ryan was expected to have a great NFL career after a successful college career. Ryan ended up only playing four seasons in the NFL, and his career was plagued by injuries, bad behavior and and poor play. After leaving the NFL, Ryan struggled with an addiction to prescription pills and was arrested and spent 32 months in prison. 

During his sentence, Ryan looked to The Ellen Show to give him a sense of humanity and inspire him to make a much needed change in his life. Today, Ryan has turned his life around and created the Focused Intensity Foundation, which helps those who are struggling with addiction and mental health disorders get the help, support and guidance they need to build a life-long, lasting recovery.

Ellen’s friends at Shutterfly were inspired by Ryan’s commitment and devotion to helping these young adults stay on the right path, so they surprised him with a check for $10,000 to go toward the foundation. Shutterfly’s mission is to share life’s joy. Find out more about Shutterfly here, and the Focused Intensity Foundation, here

Ryan is also the Program Ambassador for Transcend Recovery and Community program. Transcend is a community comprised of nine different homes throughout the Los Angeles, New York, and Houston areas. Transcend focuses on helping young adults rediscover a passion for purposeful living. The Transcend Recovery program is based on the belief that a combination of accountability and a loving community will provide the best recovery experience possible. If you or someone you know would benefit from this incredible program, you can find out more information here!