Walmart Changes Summit Academy Students’ Lives!

Today, Ellen once again welcomed Natasha and Cheryl, the Founder and Principal of Summit Academy Charter School, a Title 1 public school for middle and high school students in Brooklyn, NY. This time, they brought their entire senior class of 38 students. 

Summit Academy is located in a high-poverty neighborhood, where less than 5% of the community has college degrees. The students at Summit Academy are extremely grateful for their teachers who encourage, support and inspire them every single day. It’s Summit’s mission to send each and every one of their students to college.

Earlier this month, Ellen’s friends at Walmart fell in love Summit Academy’s story, so they surprised them with $25,000 to help the school continue making a positive impact on their students and community. 

Walmart believes in creating opportunities for people to learn and grow, and wants to help the students of Summit Academy continue their education. Inspired by the students' dedication to learn, Ellen wanted to do something she has never done before to help foster opportunities for these high school seniors. With the generosity of Walmart, Ellen surprised the graduating students with a $1.6 million donation to cover tuition costs for four years to any State University of New York!  Walmart is truly changing these students’ lives and is making their dreams of going to college a reality. Find out more information, here!