Violet Unboxes Superhero Flight City!

Violet is having the best time unboxing toys from Walmart, and today she decided to unbox Superhero Flight City! Violet loved all of the cool features that this toy has, and her favorite part was the helicopter. Violet really enjoyed playing with this toy and it doesn’t look like she’s going to stop anytime soon. 

This year, Walmart has a variety of toys, which makes it easy for you to shop and get all of your holiday gifts checked off your list. So go to Walmart and start shopping all things toys. They even have their top 25 toys of 2016! Walmart has the greatest toys for your child in one place at great prices. Walmart has the assortment needed to surprise your children with something special.

Walmart has an exclusive event called Chosen by Kids, where they invite kids and their families to come and play with the greatest toys this season. Before you go shop at Walmart, check out Violet’s full review of the Superhero Flight City, here!