Watch the Final Episode of GRAND DESIGN with BEHR® Paint!

Ellen and The Cousins, John and Anthony, are back with one last episode of GRAND DESIGN! In this week’s series finale, The Cousins jazz up Andrea and Earl’s living room. Back when they got married, they had a small budget, and as a result they had to buy cheap furniture. Unfortunately, the furniture has not aged well over the years. Andrea and Earl have a few mandatory things on their list that they would like to incorporate in their new dream living room. They would like a new couch, and they would love to display their personal artwork while blending both of their styles. 

Due to time and money constraints, The Cousins had to find the most efficient way to do this. Thanks to BEHR PREMIUM PLUS ULTRA® paint, they were able to save time because it is a paint and a primer in one! The paint application was really easy and finished just the way The Cousins wanted it to. The paint technology creates an extra durable surface that will resist stains and scuffs, which will give Andrea and Earl and longer-lasting look. The best part is that this paint comes in over 2,000 colors, so they were able to choose a color that suited both Andrea and Earl’s respective styles. You will have to watch the episode to find out how it all turned out! You definitely don’t want to miss the finale episode!

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