TCL Is Ellen's Season 14 Partner

TCL is America’s fastest-growing TV brand, and has been our smart TV partner the past two seasons. We are thrilled to have them on board again this season, especially because they introduced a brand new line of Ultra HD 4K Smart Televisions earlier this year. The new 4K TCL Roku TV models bring stunning 4K picture quality to its smart TVs that integrate the Roku operating system, allowing you to enjoy endless entertainment with a personalized home screen that makes it easy to access entertainment favorites, and the newest 4K content, including more than 300,000 TV episodes and movies on 3,000 plus streaming channels. The 4K TCL Roku TV models incorporate one of the best combinations of picture quality, content, ease of use, and value for all TV watchers. Follow TCL at TCL_USA on Twitter and Instagram for more details. For more information on where to purchase the 4K TCL Roku TVs, please visit