First, it was easier to text than talk, but now, many of us would rather speak emoji. A well-placed winky face says so much with so little.

For Brad Warsh, a freelance art director in New York City, somewhere within the amalgamation of social media, new technology, and down time sparked a fun side project in which he inserts emojis into photography for a series he’s titled “Emojis IRL.”

"I was messing around with a photo sharing app about a year ago and it kind of happened by accident. The first one was a sad face emoji over someone's head. It was pretty hilarious,” Brad tells Ellen’s Good News.


"The reason I did this project was not only because it was a cool thing that happened on accident, but because I think it's funny and cool that emojis have become such an integrated part of our lives,” he explains. "We all use them on a daily basis and we don't even realize it anymore. This shows how they've become a seamless part of our world.”

Seamless and hilarious…




These photos will be sure to make you laugh!

Emojis capture sentiment and humor, and can completely change the context of a scene. There’s even an emoji movie coming out!

Dropping cartoon bees, rocket ships and balloons into real imagery seems to make perfect sense in current culture, where we constantly want to be entertained by ourselves and the world around us… except through the lens of our phones.




Aren't emoji clouds way better than real ones?!


"I will usually have a rough scene in my mind for each emoji, something I've seen in the past or a place that I know it will work well. Then when I see something that fits, I snap the picture,” Brad says. "The one that got the most likes on my Instagram page was the blue and red cable car with the clouds in the background…”


Click here for some hilarious “Clumsy Thumbsy” autocorrect!

He adds, "But I really liked doing a series of images featuring the pedestrian emoji. There is something depressing and funny about it. I thought about traveling around the world and placing him in different cities, just walking alone, but then I realized I can't afford to do that… maybe one day.”




We hope so!

To see all of Brad’s work, check out his website

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