There are three things Rylee Keen loves; animals, art and design. Hoping to find a way to combine her passions, the third-grader received a sewing machine from her grandmother for Christmas, and began making clothes for rescue dogs to wear during winter.

The endeavor became known as "Not Perfect Clothes,” which was spun off from school project about always striving to do better.

"We are making clothes for rescue dogs because they have to shave their hair off since it gets sticky and rough," Rylee tells Ellen's Good News. "We're making them shirts to keep them warm in the winter."

Rylee pulls fabric from her baby brother's old onesies, along with other scraps and lace from her great grandmother. Then, she stitches everything together. She began by knitting an orange shirt for her own dog Opie, and has continued with her mission. She and her mother, Leslie, are working with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa to help deliver their creations to pups in need.

As her motto, Rylee garners inspiration from a club at her school where she's taught to "be awesome, not perfect."

She adds, "We can't do everything right, so it's good to keep trying."

From the sound of it, we think Rylee is doing a lot of things right! You can learn more about Rylee on her blog


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