Message from Ellen

I’m so excited. Monday is my birthday! I’m going to be celebrating all week long. 

I’m celebrating with some really wonderful people, too. Kanye West will be here for an exclusive interview! He has a new song coming out called “Only One." I hope I can keep it.

Keith Urban is here! I couldn’t have my birthday week without him. It would be Sub-Urban.

Since everything is bigger for my birthday week, instead of just one talk show host, I’m having two! Jimmy Fallon is here! He hosts “The Tonight Show" in NYC, so I have no idea how he’s going to be here in Burbank, but I can only assume it’s birthday magic.

One of my besties, Olivia Munn is swinging by to wish me a happy birthday. She’s starring in the new movie “Mortdecai," she’s dating Aaron Rodgers, and they just rescued a puppy together. It’s like a giant cute competition over at their house. 

Hollywood icon Kevin Costner is going to be here as well! He’s been in some of the greatest movies of all time. I will always love him.

One of my favorite singers is here. Sam Smith is back! He’s going to perform his new hit. It’s a birthday wish come true.

I’ve also got an amazing performance from Kiesza, plus the Academy Award-winning Octavia Spencer, and Sia is here for a stunning performance you simply have to see to believe. 

I’ve been told there are going to be some very big and very cool surprises. I don’t know what they are yet, but oh boy am I excited to find out!

I’ll Sia this week!