When most girls were playing dress-up, Isabella Rose Taylor was designing and producing her own wardrobe. She was also speed-studying through school and selling her designs at trunk shows.

This month, the 13-year-old begins her second year in community college (yes, she already graduated high school), and debuts her first fashion line for Nordstrom. She’ll also debut with her first runway show during New York Fashion Week in September.



“I like trying to inspire other girls,” Isabella tells Ellen’s Good News. “It’s an honor to inspire others to pursue their dreams no matter what age.”

Around the time she was 8 or 9, Isabella began experimenting in fashion. She’d been painting most of her life and decided to try adding fabrics to her designs. She went to sewing camp and studied YouTube tutorials, and before long she was making her own outfits.

“I loved designing clothes for myself and my friends,” Isabella explains. “Eventually, the hobby turned into a business.”

From spending a few days a week selling in local boutiques to reaching out to Nordstrom and pitching her ideas, the young entrepreneur hustled her way into the spotlight. Her fashion has been featured on various blogs and television shows, and caught the attention of buyers at the retail giant.

Isabella describes her clothing as “street grunge” with “quirky touches.” It’s eclectic and modern, fitting for the young generation she’s aiming to dress.

“I like making stories within garments,” she explains. "I especially love telling stories with colors."



After Isabella wraps her second year in college, she will earn her Associate’s degree in fine art, and says she plans to keep painting and designing. She hopes to one day be on a Versace level.

“I’d like to have a global presence. To be a bigger brand with a global reach would definitely be my big goal!” Isabella adds. Based on her track record, that shouldn’t be a problem!

You can check out more of Isabella's designs on her website!