A couple was recently asked to babysit their friends’ 6-month-old, and apparently, the family was a little nervous about leaving behind their tiny child. So the couple did what any responsible and thoughtful pals would do... and sent hourly photo updates as to what was happening with their friends’ baby. It was quite a day!

We can only imagine the text messages…

9AM: TEXT: Went for walk. T-Rex in street. Baby OK.


10AM: TEXT: Finished walk. Also fought off shark. Baby OK.


11AM: TEXT: Strange noise outside. Aliens. Tried to steal baby, but diaper too heavy. Baby OK. Changing diaper now.


12PM: TEXT: Wrestling with snake in living room. Baby won three rounds thanks to rattle. Baby OK. Rattle so awesome. Where did u find?


1PM: TEXT: Lunchtime walk. Saw bear but baby slept through it. Bear not happy. Baby OK.


This couple must be the greatest friends ever!