Before her parents got out of bed one morning, little Lorelei awoke early to do some "primping."

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Lorelei’s father was surprised when he discovered his daughter’s “beautiful lips,” done up with a glittery pink gloss, and he questioned her about her beauty regimen.

It turns out that Lorelei had to put on makeup for work – she’s employed by “Megatron!”

“I do lots of work at home because I used to work at Disney, right?” Lorelei explains. “Megatron’s closing down Disney right where I work. Megatron says I have to get a computer, grab it from the store, and pay for it and take it home and take care of it.”

Apparently, the “Transformers” character has a pink computer, which was colored by lipstick (likely the same on Lorelei’s face). When Megatron’s mother noticed her makeup stock was depleted, she threw Megatron out the window, and Lorelei witnessed the whole thing from her kitchen.

She says, “I look out the window, right? I see him falling into our world.”

A lot happened before Lorelei’s parents had breakfast!