Many people dream of having Taylor Swift serenade them with one of her hits, but this adorable little boy was lucky enough to have his wish come true.

According to Gawker, the boy’s name is Jordan Nickerson and he is a cancer patient at a Boston Hospital. Jordan has Williams syndrome and is battling Leukemia.

Really though, he’s the sweetest, happiest person in the world -- thanks to his favorite pop star.

“I love singing songs for people, but I want to sing a song for you more than all the other people,” Taylor tells him.

“Thank you!” Jordan exclaims. “Just do it!”

It takes a second for the two to decide on the right tune, as Jordan suggests the singer perform her favorite track. They settle on “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together,” and pretty much jam out together in the hospital room.

Jordan was particularly impressed with her guitar playing. “You’re great at that,” he said.

Taylor is great at so many things!