Ben the rescue dog knows what it means to take a vacation.


The three-year-old Staffordshire bullterrier/Jack Russell mix was rescued by organizations in Ireland and Sweden, and adopted by Anna Lotsander and her boyfriend who live in Sweden. Ever since, life for Ben has been one big walk in the park.





“Ben is the most loving dog I've ever met,” Anna tells Ellen’s Good News. “He loves everyone and everyone loves Ben. He is goofy, smart (most of the time, at least), kind and well behaved."

She continues, "A typical day in his life: he wakes up later than us. He loves to sleep in until 11-12 o'clock.”


“To get his lunch we usually do some sort of activity, like search activities around the apartment (I hide his food and he needs to find it) or we practice tricks and so on," Anna says. "He loves to get his food in a shoebox.”

Ben is very particular.

“Sometimes I bring all his lunch with me on our morning walk so I can use it as treats when we practice leash walking and dog meetings outside. The morning walk is our longest walk, around 45-60 minutes unless it is raining because he hates rain,” Anna says.

No one wants a frizzy mop…



“After that we chill out and I study from home. We take three walks a day and an additional quick walk before bed,” she continues. “Dinner is served around 7pm and the rest of the night we just spend at home… Ben also loves to be a part of what we are doing. If we have friends over, he wants to be there, if we take a car ride, he wants to be there. Boat ride? He wants to be there.”

Who wouldn't? Accordingly, Ben gets brought on all the family vacays, including the couple's recent outing on an archipelago in Sweden.

“My family owns a house there and we spend lots of time there during the summer,” Anna says. “This particular day was the day after a party that we host there yearly. It was a warm, sunny morning and my boyfriend, the dog and I slept in our boat… we spent the day by the ocean where Ben loves to jump around in the water. There are lots of toads out there that come out by night. Ben chased them all night long.”



Ben's life = doggy bliss.

You can follow all of Ben's life of luxury on his Instagram page