Donald is the cutest, happiest, most famous four-legged duck around, living a carefree life under the guise that “Perfection is boring.”


Born with a unique defect that’s given him an extra set of legs, the duckling from Sulphur, Louisiana became the fascination of the Internet when his owners began posting cute photos and videos on Facebook while he was taking a bath, eating, even gawking at himself.



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Along with the photos, the family posts inspirational messages “from Donald,” and is documenting his progress through daily physical therapy. Owner Claude Aucoin has raised over 1,000 ducks in his life, but told NBC News he’d never seen anything like Donald before.

“I’ve heard of animals like this being born, and they don’t survive or have problems, but this one, he’s eating, he’s drinking, he’s walking around,” Aucoin points out.

Aucoin considers Donald a miracle, “Something different… something special.”

All of Donald’s fans appears to agree. They're sharing messages and their own stories on Donald's page as the duckling's story makes it across the country.

One woman wrote, "I think it is the greatest you are taking care of him, and he will be happy because he is loved!"

Loved and admired!