From a scribble in a coloring book to a digital work of art, an artist re-imagined his childhood sketches using new technology, creating a series of endearing pictures that capture the novelties of youth and experienced vision of adulthood.



Titled “Kiddie Arts,” the images are the work of a Dutch street artist named Telmo, who now spends most of his time now sprucing the sides of buildings with his creative partner Miel Krutzmann under the name “Telmo Miel.” Each piece expands upon Telmo's childhood sketch, adding 3D elements, context and detailed features.

The artist’s early interpretations of bugs are spot-on…




He was a little less accurate with cars and buildings…



The bear is our favorite.


Telmo tells Ellen’s Good News that he produced the kid art paintings six years ago while in art school, and now focuses mainly on his street designs. With so much current interest in the childhood concept, however, he’ll be creating prints for fans that will be available online and through his Facebook page.  

In other news, maybe it’s time to dig up some of those stick figure portraits from kindergarten!