Four-year-old Annabelle Earl had two dreams: 1) to own a “real” rainbow unicorn, and 2) to be a flower girl.

The first, as her mother Kim pointed out, was not going to happen, but the second was feasible. It would take poster board, markers, and spontaneity, but together they would find a way to get Annabelle down the aisle.

This past Friday, the little girl’s dream came true, as Kim and Annabelle went to the City Clerk's office in Manhattan, NY, and found a couple getting married who needed some assistance.


“Before we went, I asked her what she thought a flower girl was, because I didn’t want her to think it was all the trappings of some huge, extravagant wedding,” Kim tells Ellen’s Good News. “I took her to work that day, and we worked on the sign. Then we went and picked out flowers, took the subway down to the clerk’s office… we found the part where people get married, and I said, ‘Alright, let’s set-up shop here.’”

The two held up a handmade advertisement for a flower girl, and waited for takers.



For Kim, who works in finance for a clothing company, it was not exactly thrilling. She craftily tried to get out of it.

“I thought, 'What did I get myself into?'” Kim recalls. “That day, I gave her the option to be a flower girl or going to Toys R Us, but she was really insistent.”

In the hall of the clerk’s office, Kim and Annabelle stood, hoping someone would jump on their offer. When they only elicited smiles and laughs, Kim decided to be more proactive.

She and Annabelle approached a few couples and asked if anyone needed a flower girl, until they finally found their match.

“We waited with the couple until their number was called, then you go into this separate room,” Kim explains. “Annabelle stood right up next to bride. She paid attention to the whole thing and then the City Clerk said 'I pronounce you married,' and we all clapped and she gave the bride her flowers.”

Immediately after the ceremony, Annabelle got to the real point of the whole affair.

“She said, ‘Mommy is there cake?" Kim adds. "That was the one requirement of a wedding in her mind.’”

So, they went for cake!


All-in-all, Annabelle lived out her dream, though she does want a second chance at the job so she can toss flowers on the ground. Kim says she was happy to support her daughter’s wish, and push her to pursue her aspirations.

“I wanted to show her you could work towards things and make things happen,” Kim comments. “She wanted to do it. I was willing to embarrass myself to make that happen and see how it worked out… it felt like such a good feel-good thing. We got to make her wish come true and help somebody else out.”