There’s the selfie, and then there’s this:

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With this amalgamation of 21st century culture, creative doodling, a funny bathroom note and a vivid imagination, 26-year-old Helene Meldahl has gained a gigantic Instagram following with her unique approach to digital art.

Her selfies may only be photographs in her bathroom mirror, but they’ll take you on fun adventures through the clouds, to magical kingdoms, and into faraway dreamlands.

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The young artist from Norway, currently a trainee for culture and communications at the Norwegian Embassy in D.C., has called her page "mirrorsme.” She came up with the concept while she was in college and having a little playful fun in the bathroom mirror.

“I used to write messages for my roommate in my red Chanel lipstick in the mornings,” Meldahl tells Ellen’s Good News. “You know silly little sayings, and cartoons. I was working on finishing my Bachelor thesis in entrepreneurship, and I wanted to take a break. So, I was going out for a jog, but it started raining so heavily outside, and the thunderstorms were so bad, so I just took my lipstick, drew a huge umbrella with thunder and lightning around it, and pretended like I held it in the mirror. That was the first mirror drawing.”

Meldahl jokingly blames the project on procrastination, but as an artist and entertainer, she’s providing great amusement for the rest of us with her clever talents. The photos are being described as “the best selfies you’ll ever see,” though Meldahl didn’t originally think of them in such a light.

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A “born doodler,” Meldahl’s father is a painter and engineer, and he encouraged her and her sisters to draw their ideas. The Instagram shots take that notion one step further, even if they are just selfies in their purest form.

Meldahl sees the larger conviction behind a culture of self-narration.

“We all want recognition for who we are, everyone wants to be seen, that’s only human,” she says. “The selfie gives us an unique chance of documenting our lives and what we do, and who we meet. We get to tell the story we want.”

To check out more of Meldahl's selfie doodles, follow her on Instagram: @mirrorsme