Carter and Toby do everything together. Everything.

From saving the world…


To taking a bath…


Playing sports…


People watching…


Sometimes they just get exhausted from it all.


According to Carter’s mom, Devin Crouch, the Indianapolis family rescued Toby about two years ago, shortly after Carter’s birth, and the two immediately bonded over a mutual love for lying around, hanging out, and doing absolutely nothing.

“We got very excited after we had Carter,” Crouch, 26, tells Ellen's Good News. “I was always taking pictures and showing them to my friends and family, and Toby would always try and get into them.”

Actually, Toby simply wanted to be near Carter, and as a result, there was no point in photographing one without the other.

“Toby would never leave his side," Crouch comments. "Whenever I took a picture of the baby, Toby would be in the background.”

Though the creative mother claims she knows nothing about photography, she began snapping away, brilliantly documenting her newborn as he began to grow up with the pup by his side. Soon, her adorable photos took on a life of their own, creating a fanciful land and amusing relationship between the little prince, his sidekick, and their great, wide world of imagination.



Crouch posted the photos on Instagram and watched her following grow from a steady thousand, to where it currently stands at 26,587 followers.

“Now, I have people around the world writing and telling me they plan on rescuing a dog after looking at the pictures,” Crouch remarks. “I think [Carter and Toby's] bond is so genuine and so heartwarming that it’s a nice, happy story people want to hear.”

For Carter and Toby, every day is like this:


And this:


Crouch hopes all the admiration will result in a renewed interest in rescue dogs, and dispel any myths that suggest such animals aren’t a good match for young children. Toby wandered into Carter’s life as soon as he pranced through the family’s front door, and Crouch says she can’t imagine Carter without his “best friend.”

“They want to lay on the couch together, or they both want to go outside, or there’s a chipmunk outside the window and they both want to follow it,” Crouch comments. “My favorite is when I was doing laundry and I heard this constant giggling, and I went to go check on them and see what they were doing. They were both underneath the bed playing hide and seek with the bed skirt. It was the sweetest moment.”


She adds, “I love to see Carter growing up and his imagination coming out, and the dog playing along with him.”

So do we!

You can follow the sweet duo on Instagram: @carterandtoby 

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