Two popular YouTube stars had a little extra money on their hands from a charity fundraiser, and decided to spend it by tipping fast food workers around town. Given most people working at the drive-thru aren’t making a lot, nor do they receive extra cash from customers, the gesture was met with much gratitude and surprise.

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The project was put together by the YouTube act "Simple Pickup" (their real names are Kong and Jesse), who typically post funny or prank videos about romantic encounters. This time, however, the focus was on giving back.

“I feel like people in the food industry should get tips just because people in restaurants do,” Kong said to a cashier at a window. “You guys work just as hard.”

With that, he counted out $100 and handed it to the cashier, who was astounded.

“I’ve been trying to pay my rent,” the cashier said. “You’re a good dude, man. I appreciate that.”

Nearly everyone at the restaurants responded similarly, some not wanting to accept the offer, while others cried. Perhaps the best moment was when a girl sweeping out a dining hall gave up a portion of her cash to a homeless man who was asleep in a booth.

Kindness is contagious!