When 11-year-old Zumyah Thorpe struggled to walk and talk, she found instead that she could smile and sing to her favorite musician, Bruno Mars.


The young girl was left blind and critically injured in a tragic car accident last year after a drunk driver struck the vehicle she was in, and it was the music of one of pop’s finest talents that helped her get through recovery and treatment.

Doctors played Mars’ hit “When I Was Your Man” for Zumyah every night while she was hospitalized, and yesterday, the soul singer serenaded her with a special version of “Just the Way You Are” at his show in Cleveland, OH.

According to a news report played by Mars before his performance, the singer’s music worked like “magic” on Zumyah over the past year, enabling her to communicate again and physically progress throughout rehabilitation.

"I’m absolutely convinced that her learning to sing, and singing those Bruno Mars songs and being able to say Bruno Mars itself was a miracle,” Zumyah’s neurologist said in the piece. “Knowing all the words to the songs has helped her to recover and helped her to have language in her speaking verse.”

Thorpe is now back in school, singing to her classmates, and dancing up a storm. Mars called her out of the crowd at his show, asked her to take a bow and then dedicated one of his most popular hits in her honor.

But it didn’t stop there… the musician then brought Zumyah up to the stage, held her hand and spun her around in his arms as he sang. He later gave her his guitar and hat, and her smile couldn’t have been any bigger.


Mars later posted on Instagram, "Zumyah tonight you gave my band and I something we've never felt before. you're an inspiration to the world! #WeLoveYouZumyah."