Kat Holick saw an opportunity many might have overlooked when she got her job as a traffic guard outside Newtown High School in Connecticut. In a community marred by tragedy, she knew there was a way to change the town’s disposition to something sweet, happy and positive.
She started dancing.

The 5-foot-1, 47-year-old grandmother moves, grooves and waves in intersections, the tunes of Cab Calloway blasting from her phone, all the while stopping cars for students crossing the street. Holick took the position last October, and initially said that she only intended to make people smile. Instead, she has become a local celebrity for the inspiring message she spreads on a daily basis. 
"I'm a goofball and I love to make people smile," Holick tells Ellen's Good News. "I knew my smile would at least get people in and out of work with a good start. I wanted to get people smiling for the day." 
A local, Holick graduated from Newtown High School, and has woven a thread of happiness throughout her hometown. She began her dancing act in the winter just to keep warm, but when she saw people were amused, she kept her feet moving. She'll play anything from Ella Fitzgerald to "Rapper's Delight."
"It really broadened out that people were loving it, so I've been dancing about and making people laugh. Now people in their cars are starting to dance with me," Holick says.
According to an article in the Hartford Courant, Holick is making an impact beyond the streets she polices. Many locals are taking detours on their daily errands so they can pass by her corner, and they come bearing gifts of flowers and coffee. 
"It is just so inspiring to see someone who is a point of light that reminds us to be positive, to treat each other with love and compassion, and that there's still a lot of good in our community and elsewhere. She gives us hope and leaves us with a smile every day," Newtown resident John Bergquist told the outlet.

Holick has taken advantage of her social media following to help further her cause, posting kind affirmations and photos, and encouraging others to join in the flow of happiness she’s created.
She posted this morning, “Smile. Have you ever noticed how easily puppies make human friends? Yet all they do is wag their tails and fall over. --Walter Anderson.”
Yesterday, she wrote, “It's officially the last day of school. I'm happy for you, but a little sad myself. It has been fun to brighten your day and as your hearts grew towards me, you brightened mine. ENJOY your summer and I will see many of you when school starts back. Those that graduated, remember how you felt seeing my smile on a Cold winter morn and how it made you feel. Remember when I first started dancing and the joy it gave you. Now get out there and create it, too. It's ok to be silly and to laugh, just do it in a positive, loving way.”
Holick's love is clearly reciprocated by the community. She can't even choose her favorite moment on the job as there have been so many. She recalls the first time a little boy waved to her from the school bus window as being particularly memorable, and the day she noticed she'd gotten the attention of the high school kids as well.  
"To have the admiration from the high school kids -- teenagers! -- I knew something was right then," Holick comments. "Once I received flowers from a family, the little boy brought them to me, and his mom and sister were right there, that was very special. There have been many special things, I can't pinpoint one, those are what keep me going… I have little old men I've never known blowing me kisses, high school boys yelling out 'I love you.' I can never pinpoint what means the most. There are so many good people out there, that's what I love."
Furthermore, she's helping the town to heal.
Holick adds, "We want to move forward... I'm moving forward."