When Errand Frazier heard a tiny meow coming from somewhere inside his truck, he knew he had only one option -- cut the vehicle open.


The 50-year-old from Vero Beach, FL is disabled and currently on indefinite leave from work, but didn’t think twice about the potential setback he might incur from damaging his truck. For Frazier, the cat was too important.

“The truck is a [material] thing,” he tells Ellen’s Good News. “That little kitten is a life.”

A longtime animal lover, Frazier says he was in his backyard watering the garden last week when he saw the animal run past him and into the woods. He made several attempts to locate the lost feline, but to no avail.

Later, he went down the road to go fishing, when he began to hear a meow coming from the interior of his truck.

“The first thing I thought was that this was the little kitten I’d seen shoot through my yard,” Frazier recalls. “I tried to look up under the car, but I couldn’t see because I’m blind in my right eye. I raised the hood to see if there was a cat anywhere around my engine.”

When he couldn’t find anything, he decided to cut into the truck. With a sledge hammer, chisel and sheet metal cutters, he carved out a hole in the side of the vehicle, and discovered the hitchhiking kitty inside.


Frazier wasn’t sure if the animal was injured or how best to remove her from the car, so, after making a few phone calls, he slowly drove her to the local humane society where she was removed and assisted.

Shortly thereafter, the kitten was adopted.

“When that little kitten ran into this yard by herself, and then she ran into my truck, she was telling me she needed my help,” Frazier says. “She was an angel… it brought tears to my eyes to be a hero to save a kitten.”

It seems that the kitten might be saying the same about Frazier!

Unfortunately, Frazier and his wife Cindy are both on disability and can’t afford to repair the truck. While financial strain never crossed Frazier’s mind throughout the process, the humane society and local supporters have started a "kitty truck fund" to help raise money so the couple can fix the vehicle or get a new one.

“It’s unbelievable, it’s a big blessing,” Frazier says. “It makes me feel that there’s someone out there in the world that loves me… it really makes me feel spiritually uplifted.”

If you want to donate to Frazier’s truck fund, check out the Humane Society donation page here