A typical day for Biddy the Hedgehog may include rock climbing, “wheeling” at the beach, dancing among waterfalls, or learning about dinosaurs.


The adventurous pet has been exploring everything there is to know about the great outdoors, along with his owners, Thomas Unterseher and Toni DeWeese. The family lives outside of Portland, and often takes Biddy along on road trips and mini-vacations. They began posting photos on Instagram of the hedgehog out and about, and he instantly became a sensation.

“One day, Toni decided to bring Biddy with her and meet me for lunch at a nearby park,” Unterseher tells Ellen’s Good News. “We let Biddy down on the grass and watched as he ran all over the places raising his head and sniffing everything in his path. After that day, we slowly started taking Biddy with us on our weekly adventures.”

Biddy is an adorable 3-year-old African Pygmy Hedgehog, who is encouraging everyone to get off their phones and go climb trees, but hey, still take photos while you’re at it! He’s got over 400,000 followers, and rarely does a day go by when he’s not amusing them with the wild side of life.

Catch him rock climbing in Wyoming…


Hanging low at the pumpkin patch…


Taking it all in at Yellowstone National Park…


Catching some waves…


Having a Thoreau moment…


Kicking it on those mean city streets…


On top of the world.


Even when the weather prevents his travels, Biddy shows up in spirit!


You can follow all of Biddy's adventures on his Instagram page: http://instagram.com/biddythehedgehog