Though 10-year-old Tanishq Abraham should be wrapping up his 4th grade year, the child prodigy graduated high school over the weekend with an astounding 4.0 GPA, and will be heading to college in the fall.

He’s the youngest person to ever graduate high school, the youngest person accepted into Mensa (with his sister), the youngest member of the National Honor Society Phi Theta Kappa, the youngest person to discover astronomical bodies and events, and he’s been taking college courses since the age of 7. Tanishq also sings in the San Francisco Boys Chorus, takes swimming lessons, and is enrolled in both piano and voice classes.

Otherwise, he’s just your typical kid!


“I’m proud of everything that I’ve done, and a lot of it was because of my love for learning,” Tanishq tells Ellen’s Good News. “I’m proud that I really like learning. I’m proud that I’m going to college at such a young age because that has allowed me to do big things. That’s the reason why I’m talking to you right now.”

If Tanishq’s name sounds familiar, it’s probably because he’s been making headlines for years. Considered a child genius, at the age of five, it took him less than six months to complete math courses offered by Stanford University's Education Program for Gifted Youth (EPGY) in five grades. He took second and third grade courses in kindergarten, and by third grade, he was breezing through pre-algebra and algebra.

At that point, his parents, software engineer Bijou Abraham and Dr. Taji Abraham, a veterinarian, took him out of public school and taught him from home.

“It was boring in public school, and the only reason I was there was to have friends,” Tanishq recalls. “But at that time, I didn’t have many friends because a lot of the kids were teasing me and bullying me for being smart.”

No one’s saying anything these days, however, as Tanishq has made his presence known everywhere from TED conferences to MSNBC to "The Doctors." In March, he passed three high school proficiency exams which allowed him to graduate, and he’s maintained a 4.0 GPA in all his studies at American River College, which he will attend full-time in the fall.

Tanishq aims to study medicine and find a cure for cancer.


“People are suffering from all these diseases, and I really want to help,” he explains. "I want to also cure diseases like cancer, and different disease people haven’t really heard of… also now there’s a big problem of antibiotic resistance and I’d like to find a way to overcome it.”

He adds, “These problems motivated me to study medicine and help mankind.”

Along with technological advancements, Tanishq believes that he and the next generation are well equipped to find medical cures that have escaped others. He’s learned a lot about the trials of the world through watching news reports and studying biology.

Plus, he’s got some great parents leading him.

“They taught me to be humble and that people care when you’re good at heart,” Tanishq says. “That’s what people care about most.”

Could Tanishq possibly be the smartest kid ever? Actually, he admits his 8-year-old sister is hot on his trail, saying, “She started taking college classes, and soon she’ll catch up with me!”

PHOTOS COURTESY - Bijou & Taji Abraham