When partners Christopher Graham and Andrew Capelle heard that the Wisconsin legislature had repealed a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage, they immediately left work, went down to the courthouse and tied the knot.

It was a beautiful moment, and an unexpected opportunity that was later bolstered when the staff at a restaurant where they were eating afterward chipped in to pay for their dinner.

Love truly overflowed.


“We had no idea what we were going to be doing that Friday night, no plans, nothing happening,” Graham, 30, tells Ellen’s Good News. "So for at the very end of the work day to get married and then have your dinner paid for by complete strangers was awesome."

Graham and Capelle, 29, have been together for six years, and celebrated their partnership in a commitment ceremony last June. According to Graham, the two began talking about marriage after only a year of dating, and Cappelle had been pushing to wait till it was legalized in the state.

“I kept saying, ‘It’s not going to be legal, it’s not going to be legal, let’s just do this,’” Graham recalls.

So they walked down the aisle, and almost a year later on June 6th, they were signing government papers.

“When we found out online that the constitutional amendment was overruled, I said, 'We can do this for real now,'” Graham says. “So we jumped into the car and headed down to the courthouse.”



After going through the motions, the couple was wed by law, and they waited around to help witness other couples’ rituals. Graham says there was constant applause and cheers, and everyone was in high spirits. He describes the scene as “happy” and “energetic,” and when it was all over, the positivity was taken one step forward at dinner when the couple's tab was put on the house.

“They wouldn’t give me the bill, the waiter just said, ‘The staff here wanted to take care of your dinner tonight because you guys are so awesome and we wanted to help you celebrate,'” Graham remembers. “Andrew and I were in awe.”


A fitting end to a great day! Congrats to the newlyweds!