Dad and Daughter Win the Internet with This Adorable Lip Sync

On a whim, Alex Stephenson and his 6-year-old daughter Jade decided to do a lip sync cover of “Love Is An Open Door” from “Frozen.” It was just for kicks, but a few days later their cute video went viral, making Jade the coolest girl at summer camp.

“A fifth-grader saw it,” the little girl from Tahlequah, Oklahoma tells Ellen’s Good News. “It felt kind of weird because usually fifth-graders don’t talk to me.”

Nearly a million people have seen their video to date, something Alex calls “crazy,” since the two only practiced the routine five times, and he’s never done anything in this realm. A 30-year-old counselor for the Cherokee Nation, Alex says he was hesitant at the beginning.

“Jade loves “Frozen” and she watches YouTube all the time on her Kindle, so she’s seen people doing videos of songs,” he explains. “I was kind of shy about it, but then I figured if we’re gonna do it, we’re gonna really do it.”

They did, almost flawlessly! They finish “each other’s sandwiches” and jinx on cue. Alex notes, however, there was a spot in the middle where he kept messing up, and at one point he promised to give Jade a dollar if he failed yet again.

It looks like he got himself into minor debt.

“You still haven’t given it to me!” Jade laughs.

Otherwise, the two are glowing in their newfound Internet stardom, and are definitely planning a few more covers in the near future.

“We put it on Facebook first and everyone kept telling us we should put it on YouTube and then it just took off,” Alex says. “We were not ready for that. People at work said they saw it… one of the teachers at Jade’s school was so excited to show my wife, because he thought the guy looked so much like me.”

You know you’ve made it when you’re being "spotted!"