Message from Ellen

April has been incredible -- so warm, so bright, and our living room has never looked cleaner. Did I mention April is our housekeeper?

This week, I’ve got some really wonderful guests on my show. Ryan Seacrest is here! He’s one of the busiest people I know. He hosts "American Idol," he’s a radio DJ, he executive produces TV shows, and you may not know this, but he comes over every weekend to mow our lawn.

I’ve also got a guy who’s so cool, it’s his middle name. That’s right, LL Cool J is in the house! He’s here with another special guest -- our good friend Tony Okungbowa! I can’t wait to catch up with them.

Plus, it’s the return of one of the cutest guests we’ve ever met. Kai Langer may only be 5 years old, but when he sings, get ready ladies, because he really knows how to turn on the charm. Bruno Mars has nothin’ on him.

If you’ve been watching "Dancing with the Stars," you’ll be excited to know Amy Purdy is here with her dance partner, Derek Hough! She’s one of the most inspiring contestants ever on the show. She’s telling me her incredible story, and I betcha they’re gonna dance, too.

"GMA" host Robin Roberts is dropping by! She’s had an amazing year, full of a lot of huge victories, like beating cancer. I’m so glad she’s healthy and happy and here to talk about it.

The hilarious Seth Rogen is here to tell me about the new movie he’s starring in with Zac Efron. I hope someone’s told him about the tradition of my guests bringing me shirtless photos of their co-stars.

Also, for all you “Mad Men” fans, Joan is here for the first time! The lovely Christina Hendricks is telling me about the final season of her hit show, and while she’s here, she’s going to whip my office into shipshape.

I’ve also got a supermodel, a singer, and the former First Lady of France. It’s hard to believe they’re all the same person. Carla Bruni is going to perform!

If that doesn’t give you something to look forward to this week, I don’t know what will!