This is it! Today’s the day! I’m getting ready to host the Oscars tonight, but what would a Sunday be without writing to you?

Once the Oscars are over, I have to get right to something very important -- sleep. Because my show's gonna be LIVE bright and early Monday morning! You never know what surprises might be in store, or what hosts might show up with a hangover. It’ll be an adventure we take together.

There's even more fun planned for this week. Sarah Jessica Parker will be here! She has her own line of shoes, and I hope she brings me a pair. Do you think she carries flip-flops?

The Long Island Medium herself, Theresa Caputo will be here, too! Though she probably knew that long ago. 

From one of my favorite shows, “Scandal," Dan Bucatinsky will be here for the first time. I have lots of questions about the show, so I hope he’s chopped and brushed with olive oil, because I’m gonna grill him.

Plus, I’ve got the incredible band Cage the Elephant, the hilarious Cheryl Hines, and lots more.

But now, I'm off to the Oscars. I hope you watch.