Adoptable Pets of the Week

Pico is 6 years old, and not much throws this cool cucumber for a loop. Pico is a calm, relaxed boy that likes to nap the day away, taking breaks to ask for pets and to play with string. Due to some congestion issues, Pico will never know the sweet smell of catnip and has an endearing wheeze, but he doesn’t mind. Pico just wants a safe home to in which to relax.

Patty is a rare find, as most orange and white tabby cats are male. Soft, fluffy and friendly, Patty enjoys being petted and is very laid-back. Her eyes are slightly crossed, which gives her a unique charm... she looks very cute when homing in on her toys! Patty is looking for a calm house with someone who likes to cuddle. If you fit the bill, adopt this sweet girl and enjoy a lifetime of loyal companionship.

Bobby can be a little timid at first, but rapidly transforms into a loving lap cat when you give him some consistent attention. Bobby is just a laid-back dude, he's cool with watching the world go by and taking naps. He'll even let you pick him up and carry him around. Bobby is FIV+, which means he must be an indoor-only cat. FIV+ cats typically do not require any additional vet care, live long healthy lives, and can be housed with non-FIV+ cats as long as they get along. Bobby would make a great low-maintenance pet for just about anyone!

Bonnie is a fluffy 4-year-old with a bit of sass. She has the cutest little chirp when she's curious and leans in for scratches with people she knows. Bonnie's idea of a good time is napping, eating treats, playing with toys and lazily watching the world go by. If this sounds like music to your ears, come meet Bonnie today. She'd love to be your one and only feline!

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