There are only 7 days left until I host the Oscars! And only 8 days left until my live Oscar show! And only 9 days left until I can get back to my bridge club!

I’m so excited for the Academy Awards, but I’ve got a whole lot of show before then. This week, Jimmy Kimmel is here! Not only that, but on the same day he’s doing my show, I’m doing his show. That’s 2 hours of Ellen and Jimmy in one day. I hope you’re ready. 

I’m also talking to Minnie Driver on my show. We always have a good time together because she loves to challenge me to contests. She’s a great competitor. She always loses, but still, great.

The hilarious Tim Allen is here to tell me about his new show, and to discuss some home improvement he’s been up to. Why does that sound so familiar? 

Plus, to get you ready for next Sunday, I’m showing you some of my favorite interviews with some of the biggest Oscar nominees!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. I’ll see you tomorrow through the power of television!