Are you ready for some football?! I’ve got Bronco orange everywhere I can see. My shirt is orange, my face is orange, even my keyboard is orange. I probably should have washed the face paint off my hands before I started typing this.

The big game isn’t the only thing I’m excited about. This week on my show, I have some really big things planned, and it all centers around the big star of the week -- you! I’m doing some of the most incredible things for my viewers all week long. You won’t believe it. It’s going to knock your blue or orange socks off.

If you’re excited about that, wait ‘til you hear who’s here this week! Sofia Vergara is stopping by! Not only is she beautiful and hilarious, she’s also my absolute favorite character on “Modern Family.”

I’m also talking to the wonderful Jesse Tyler Ferguson! Not only is he beautiful and hilarious, he’s also my absolute favorite character on “Modern Family.”  

I don’t know if gorgeous men with great bodies and incredible dance moves is your thing, but if it is, you’ll be glad to know Channing Tatum will be here, too!

“SNL’s” Kate McKinnon is back. One of my favorite moments from last season was when Kate came on my show and did her impression of me. Needless to say, I was impressed. 

Plus, the hysterical and wonderfully mustachioed Steve Harvey is here to catch up with me on his talk show, his game show, and any other show he has that I don’t yet know about.

I’ve also got some delicious recipes from the incredible Wolfgang Puck!

Enjoy your Sunday, and whoever you’re rooting for, go Broncos!