The Oscar nominations are out, and I’m talking to one of my favorite nominees -- Meryl Streep is here! She’s telling me how she feels about her big news... being on my show! She’ll also tell me how she feels to be nominated for an Oscar.

The next big name in late-night television, Seth Meyers is here for the very first time. Speaking of “time” -- he was just on the cover of Time magazine. 

The always hilarious Kirstie Alley will be here this week to tell me about her new show. The last time she was here, we gave her a tattoo. I can’t wait to see if she still has it.  

Vanessa Hudgens has a new movie called “Gimme Shelter,” where she tried out a very different look. I did the same thing when I was her age, but it wasn’t for a movie. I was in hiding from my bookie.

The star of “Community” and “The Soup” -- Joel McHale is here this week, too! I don’t know how he stars in two shows at the same time. I only star in one, and I have a secret identical twin.

Plus, Alison Sweeney will be here as my guest DJ, Hunter Hayes is going to perform, and Denver Bronco Zane Beadles is going to fulfill a lifelong dream right on my stage. You’ll have to watch this week to see what it is!