Happy New Year! Portia and I celebrated New Year’s with a bang. I forgot I left the champagne in the freezer.

You can celebrate 2014 with a chance to win $10,000 worth of prizes from my 12 Days of Giveaways! I know what you’re thinking... where do I enter? Well, the answer is right here.

Starting Monday, I’m back with all new shows! In honor of 2014, here are 14 reasons I’m excited about my show this week:

  1. One of my favorite people, Courteney Cox, is here! She makes me laugh every time I see her, which is why we can’t go to a Maya Angelou poetry reading together ever again.
  2. One of my favorite games, Know or Go is back! I always hope that my audience is gonna Know instead of Go. They never do.
  3. The incredibly handsome Mark Wahlberg will be here. He’s telling me about his new film, “Lone Survivor." I hope he plays the title character.
  4. The wonderful Kaley Cuoco is dropping by from the set of “The Big Bang Theory." She’s always a big bang on my show, and that’s no theory.
  5. Speaking of big bangs, Steve Spangler is back with another show-stopping science experiment! I don’t know what he has planned, but I just upped the insurance on my studio.
  6. I’m going LIVE to the red carpet of the Country Music Awards! You never know who might stop by to say howdy.
  7. The incredible Sara Bareilles is going to perform a new song! She is so talented.
  8. The hilarious Matt LeBlanc is here to tell me about his show, “Episodes.”
  9. Jared Leto is talking about his unbelievable role in the new film, “Dallas Buyers Club” and...
  10. ...his band, “30 Seconds to Mars,” is going to perform!
  11. I also have a performance from those delightful boys of “The Wanted."

Only 3 more? How about 12. Joseph Gordon-Levitt, 13. Timothy Olyphant, and 14. Kym Whitley!

That’s just the tip of the iceberg!

Monday, here I come!