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Ellen's friends at Shutterfly have been behind some of the most heartwarming and incredible surprises. Find out more about this amazing company, right here.

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Maria Guirola
34 days ago - Buy or Sell Discounted Shutterfly Gift Cards & Certificates at Great Prices!

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Cortney Stephens
175 days ago

Hello Ellen,

I love all that Shutterfly and yourselves have done for families in need or rewarding those every day heroes.

I now know one of those families. It is my friend the Pruchnickis. My friend Amy Pruchnicki has been my best friend since elementary school. We have seen each other through highschool, break ups, make ups, marriage and kids. We have always had each other's backs and even with time and distance we have always been able to get each other through whatever was going on in our lives. She is the kind of the person that even if we haven't talked for 4 months we can pick up a phone and pick up where we left off.

For some time now I knew Amy was going through something that was hard to help her with. Her youngest son Cole (5 years old) was diagnosed with Mitochondrial disease, suffering frequent seizures Cole had a weakened immune system and therefore was developing slowly. However, if managed - he would still possibly have a normal life span. Once it was time to go to school, because of his weakened immune system Cole has been unable to go to school all day long. Due to his special needs and attention, my friend Amy quit her job so she could dedicate her days to Cole and her and her husband Gerard moved about an hour away from Gerard's job to give their boys a smaller town life. Gerard now commutes 1.5 hours each day in and out work (to Toronto).

Amy and Gerard are great parents, who never complain (in fact I barely knew the severity of what they were going through). Cole's big brother Ethan who is 8 years old is so kind and wise beyond his years, helping mommy and daddy with Cole and looking out for his little brother.

Recently at 11pm at night I got an earth ****tering call, Amy called. Cole had one of his seizures - but this time he stopped breathing - he was rushed to the hospital - where a breathing machine did his breathing for him. A team of doctors assembled and came to deliver Amy and Gerard the news. Their little boy had Leigh's Disease a severe form of mito that basically has a life expectancy of 6-7 years of age.

Cole did start breathing on his own finally, however he can no longer swallow. He is now getting a feeding tube inserted, the surgery is scheduled for next week. They have been int he hospital for 3 weeks and apparently after the surgery they will be moving him to a rehab centre to stay which means more time for Amy, Gerard and Ethan in the hospital.

This is the first time I feel helpless to get my friend through something. When somebody calls you and tells you something like this - what can you do?

So I'm doing everything I can think of and one of the things I thought of today was you. Ellen I know there are so many people you help and I'm really really really really really hoping you can help my friend the Pruchnickis. In spending time with their son, I'd love for them not to be stressed out by bills and finances but instead enjoying Cole's smiles and laughs and cuddles.

My friend is 3.5 hours away and I wish I could hug her so bad right now and tell her everything is going to be ok. I hope you can help me do that....

Thanks Ellen and Shutterfly - even if you can't help my friend I love seeing all that you do for all the families in need.

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Rita Fuller
246 days ago

Today's show was the perfect illustration of the "giving nature" of the Ellen Show. The couple that adopted the five children have been blessed. Thank you for being so generous to them. I hope they have a wonderful holiday. Rita Fuller

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Angela VanDenBos
246 days ago

I am not one to normally ask for anything. Actually, for the last year or so, it was very trying for me to come to the realization, that regardless, I was going to have to ask.
October 29, 2013 changed mine and my family's life. Let me start by saying I am an EMT and was furthering my career to become a paramedic until that day changed everything. I was involved in a serious car accident. I was driving on my way to paramedic class when someone crossed the center line, hit me head-on, making me spin and then I struck a tree. It was hard for me being on the "other side" of what I'm used to doing. I sustained a broken right femur, a dislocated left elbow, broken ribs, and some bumps and bruises. Luckily, I was alive and if I hadn't been in my husbands SUV, I probably wouldn't have been so lucky. I was in the hospital for a week, had one surgery and went to rehab for a week after I was discharged. After I went home, which was to my Mother in laws at the time, because our home had stairs to get into the house. I was in a wheelchair and it would make it easier to go there. While all this was going on, my husband was recovering from a back injury that had happened while he worked as a paramedic also. He had gone back to work for a bit, until I had my accident, and then he was off work again. When I was discharged home, a few days later, I received a phone call from my sister stating our house was in the paper, put up for auction. Needless to say, this was a huge surprise for me. So, after my husband called and spoke with someone, we found out, that while I was in the hospital, they were forclosing on our home. (now, you need to know that my husband filed bankruptcy prior to us getting married, and when you fall behind ONLY a MONTH, they will forclose) and this is what they did. He had tried to work with them, make payment arrangements, etc, and they refused. We went to our home one night to find all of our belongings on the driveway and the locks changed on the house. We were forced to get a storage unit and move in with my mother in law. Now, since all that has happened, I went back to school, completed the class portion in December 2012, but still had the clinical and ride time portion to finish. In February, I had another setback. My plate, that they had used to repair my femur, broke. I was admitted to the hospital and had another surgery. This delayed anymore of my time to get my paramedic license and also delayed more time I would be off work. In the meantime, while I was recovering, my husband suffered another back injury in March, which put him off work. Due to the extent of the injury, his doctors were refusing to let him return back to work. Therefore, his employer fired him. After months of rehab, doctors appointments and tears, I was able to return to work on September 9, 2013, almost a year later from the date of my accident. I worked for three weeks and my injuries couldn't handle the labor aspects of the job. I've had to medically retire from my job. My husband has had to medically retire. I have three children (one of which lives on her own now), that James treats like they were his own. We were married in October 2011, a year before all of this happened. We have been living with my mother in law, scraping by trying to make ends meet. We have three dogs that are driving her nuts. She has had to change her whole routine, house and living arrangements, just so we can live with her. My two children, luckily have rooms upstairs, we have ours downstairs, but it's hard. I feel like we're impeding on her privacy. And we have no privacy anymore. My husband is currently working as a security guard to try to bring in a little bit of money. I've been looking for employment, but with my disability, it's hard to find anything. My doctor stated I could work "sedentary" work only. My husband and I would love to start an education institution to teach men and women to become wonderful EMT's and paramedics. This is just something we're going to have to wait on, and there is alot of credentials we have to acheive before we can start this. We really could use your help Ellen. Like I said, I'm not one to ask for help, but after the last year, I've learned when you need help, just ask.

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246 days ago

I just watched my daily medicine of the Ellen show.... That was such a nice thing you did for the family that adopted 5 kids.. I always feel so good and happy when you share what you have.. I wish I were able to do the same... I dont have a job or much money at all but I do my best to provide for my son.. I will never give up as hard as it is.. Im so happy that the family of 5 kids now have a family and you were there to help them.. YOur the best!!!!!

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Andrew Deaton
247 days ago

Hi Ellen my name is Andrew I'm 11 years old. I told my Mom I was going to write you because you help people and we need some help. My mom and dad adopted us 11 years ago. I have two brothers Shane is 13 and Christopher is 12. Chris is handicapped he was shaking at three months old by my original parents. We have never been on a vacation which would be nice so my parents could relax, and our house is old and needs wake and something else my Brother could use oh and my Mom and dad a van to fit his wheelchair in cause my dad has a bad back. We love sports I want to go to karate classes but mom says we need to eat so classes are a not now thing. Ellen my Mom and dad watch you everyday and you make them laugh. I love to hear them laugh. My parents are very loving and helpfull parents. Hope you can help Ellen prove my Mom wrong.

Andrew Deaton

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Gloria Gephart
247 days ago

I work with a very nice man who found out recently that his 4 yr old granddaughter has terminal brain cancer-Pontine Glioma. Naysa is a beautiful and smart 4 yr. old. Life expectancy for her is 18 mos. The family is trying to raise $10,000 for medical expenses and also to make Naysa's dreams (whatever it is) come true. Naysa was a miracle baby in that her mother went to great lengths to have her tubes untied in order to get pregnant with her only to have this happen. Naysa is such a beautiful little girl and I am hoping your show can ease their financial burden if not for just a little while. Thank you! Gloria Gephart

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Rebecca smith
247 days ago

Ellen, my mom is in need of your help. She was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago and had her breast removed. Last year she found out the cancer came back in her head and hip. Last week she found out the chemo is no longer working and the cancer has spread. It's now in a couple of places in her head, down her spine and in both hips. She is having a hard time walking and is in a lot of pain. Can you please cheer her up for the holiday season?! From an avid watcher of your show. Thanks and god bless, rebecca

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