Ellen asked the actress and sloth-loving star about her nuptials with Dax Shepard, and her new daughter, Lincoln!

"I admire that you and Dax were holding out getting married until it was okay for everyone to get married." Ellen says to Kristen.

"We wanted DOMA to be off the list and we were up at six in the morning for it to get out of town and it did… and now we're married! That's how we celebrated!" Kristen tells Ellen all of the details of their sweet courthouse wedding with their sole witness, Kristen's best friend Amy.

"The interesting thing about that is her husband is an actor, Ryan Hansen," Kristen says of her "Veronica Mars" co-star, adding, "And I was going to work later that day and had a fairly intimate scene with him. So when I left my wedding, I said to my best friend, 'Thanks for witnessing my wedding, I'm going to make pretend love to your husband...' and I did."