Tomorrow’s the big day! My brand new music compilation CD hits stores, and I think you’re going to love it. It’s full of amazing dance music, and it’s guaranteed to make your next party a big hit. It’s called my “I’m Gonna Make You Dance Jams,” and you can get it at Target and Best Buy. Or, you can just get it right here. See how easy I make things?

My new CD is not the only thing that’s gonna make you dance this week. It’s my 1,700th show! I’m looking back at some of my favorite moments from the past year and I’m celebrating with my rap partner, Rebel Wilson! We’re going to call our rap duo “Rebellen." I literally just came up with that right now.

I’m so excited to talk to Kerry Washington this week! She’s the star of one of my favorite shows, “Scandal." She also just hosted a hilarious episode of "Saturday Night Live." She’s talented, beautiful and funny. I’m telling you, it’s like looking in a mirror.

One of my favorite people, the adorable Kellie Pickler will be here to perform her new song, and if I know her, she’ll also have something ridiculously hilarious to say.

Two-time Academy Award winner Emma Thompson is stopping by to tell me about her new movie. I don’t want to jinx anything, but we should probably make sure we don’t wear the same thing to the Oscars.

Also, Matt Lauer is stopping by after his live prostate exam on the "Today" show. I like to make sure my guests are at the pinnacle of health.

Plus, the very handsome Channing Tatum, The Killers perform, and for all you “Walking Dead” fans, I found The Governor! Actor David Morrissey is here for the first time.

See you Monday!