I hope y’all had a great Halloween! I had so much fun dressing up as Nicki Minaj, I had to show you another photo. So you know... I’m the two on the left.

I’ve got so many great guests this week! One of the funniest women I know, Melissa McCarthy is here! If you’ve seen her in “The Heat,” you know she has a real potty mouth. She better not bleeping swear on this bleeping show, because this is daytime bleeping television.

Matthew McConaughey will be here telling me about his new movie, “Dallas Buyers Club.” You won’t believe his incredible transformation. He didn’t put on giant fake boobs, but still, it’s pretty good.

I’m also talking to Ashton Kutcher! That’s right, one of the most charming, funniest and good-looking people on earth will be right here talking to Ashton Kutcher!

“Big Bang Theory” star Kaley Cuoco is here and she’s got big news. She just got engaged to her boyfriend, tennis star Ryan Sweeting. I think Portia and I finally found our doubles partners.

Sophia Grace & Rosie are back! They’ve returned from Jolly Old England with their tutus. They’re getting so big, I should probably start getting them threethrees.

Plus, my DJ booth will have some very exciting guests. Paris Hilton will be spinning some flapjacks for me. She’ll be twisting the old plates. I don’t know a lot of DJ lingo.

All that, and the very handsome Rob Lowe, the very handsome Taye Diggs, the very handsome Sting, and all 5 very handsome members of The Wanted. What I mean to say is, this week, things are looking good.