As sad as I am that Cat Week is over, I’m excited to take a break from watching cat videos, and spend the weekend getting back to my garden and my needlepoint. I’m kidding. I’m still gonna watch cat videos.

It’s almost time for my Halloween show! I can’t wait to see what my audience dresses up as. I also can’t wait to see what I dress up as.

Who could be more Halloween-y than my friend Alison Sweeney?! She’s here for my Halloween show, and I bet you we’re gonna play a game, because the only thing scarier than Halloween is how competitive we are with each other.

I’m also talking to one of my favorite Australians, Keith Urban! He’s back for another round of judging on "American Idol," and this season he’s sitting next to my friend Harry Connick, Jr.!

The fabulous Jennifer Garner is here to tell me about her new movie, “Dallas Buyers Club." I want to ask her about that, and her husband Ben Affleck, aka Batman.

Then, he's the star of one of my favorite TV shows -- Ed O’Neill is here! He’s the head of everyone’s favorite “Modern Family." He’s here to tell me about the new season and the challenge he faces every day in pretending to be in love with Sofia Vergara.

I’m also talking to “Almost Human’s” Michael Ealy! He has two of the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. It’s incredible. They’re almost as blue as mine.

All that, and I’m talking with Rachel McAdams, Hailee Steinfeld, and a musical prodigy who wrote an opera when she was only 6 years old! When I was 6, I thought an opera was a kind of vegetable.

Oh, and did you notice the part about winning a Petco gift card in the subject line? That’s for real. You can buy a whole lot of my Halo pet food with a $1,000 gift card. If you have a Teacup Yorkie, it’s essentially a lifetime supply. Enter to win, here!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!