Win a New Car from Hyundai Hope on Wheels

Hyundai Hope on Wheels is an organization fighting pediatric cancer. Find out more about them here, and enter to win a new Hyundai!

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helene gurney
10 days ago

I hope by sharing my story that I may qualify for help if not ok
I had 3 disabled people in my family I needed to get a wheelchair van to take them to their drs appointments I finally got one my nephew was grad. from hs so I took them on the the bags blew so now over every bump I was scrapping the bottom of the car then the car died was told the one fused needed to be changed so every time I gave it gas it quit had to change the fuse then when we got to out hotel I discovered the battery was being fried as I traveled up hills I had put on my hazard lights finally as I was nearing my home my father passed away in the car by the time I got home I went through how many fuses 4 batteries no air bags and a dead father found out about the batteries the alternator was cooking the batteries but I can not have the car checked and fixed because I don't have the money so you see I would need help to fix it if possible if not ok I wanted to share this with you in hopes that there is someone who could help me other wise I will just deal with it
thank you

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Melanie Vasterling
60 days ago

I have been nannying for a teenaged mother, Amariah, who had childhood leukemia. She grew up in China with her American parents and has become an amazing parent! Her daughter, Ellie Mei, is my little darling who will turn two in June a week before her parents get married. Amariah, probably because of her work with her parents at orphanges in China, and skills grown there, got a job at a school for developmentally disabled children starting Fall 2014. She has been working so hard and really needs an additional car for her family to get to work helping others in the fall.

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Annie Angnos
86 days ago

Hello, Your show said if someone needs a car to enter, they could win one. This is the only link I found. I thought "who could I think needs a car more than anyone". I thought of one person we all work with. I work with Head Start in Clackamas Oregon. Our cook travels near an hour a day to work and back. She has often had her car die at work. She is calling her son, family to save her. Once I asked a parent to jump her car so she could get home. Half way home her car died at a stop sign. A policeman wrote her a ticket for blocking traffic and if she didn't get it towed he would do it.. That would Cost her lots more.. She is often is saving her family. She has a grandchild living with her. Because her daughter was paying for school her daughter lost her apartment. (School was more important) Her daughter moved her in with her and her granddaughter. She lives in a motor home in a motor home park with a daughter, and two grand-kids. . The person I am talking about could really use a car to depend on!!!

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Karen Miner
109 days ago


I can only begin by telling you that I have recorded/watched your show every day since I was laid off in 2006. I just turned 69 last week. My grandsons(6 1/2 & 10 watch your show every day. My grandsons love your opening and the silly games you play.

I have been a widow since 1983. I was 38 when my husband dropped dead of a massive heart attack. My kids were 13 & just turned 17.

By 2007, my son, Steve, who is a construction worker (steel stud framing) on all major large buildings in the Los Angeles area. His last job was in a LA LIve Area. Since then, I have been supporting him and his wife and 2 sons. I paid their rent of $1900 for 1 year and paid all of their insurance, and other major bills. I finally had to tell them that I couldn't pay the rent anymore.

They had to move in with me into a 1450sq. ft. condo. I had sold my house in Mission Viejo to downsize in 2000.

Now I have my son, his wife, and my 2 grandsons living with me in my small place.

My son hasn't had consecutive work. He is laid off over and over. He most recently been laid off again for the past 5 months.

Well, now they have 2 old vehicles that don't work well. They don't trust driving one of them. He has heard from his past employer that work might start again.

Ellen, they don't have a reliable vehicle to drive if he should start back to work.

I went back to work with a part time job almost 2 years ago to help bring in more money. I have had to default on a major credit card that we used to support his family for the past 5 years.


We all love you and your show. If you could please help us, that would be so wonderful.
I couldn't find out where to apply for help with a car which I heard on the end of the show.
With Love,

Karen Miner

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Mary Jane Cleeland
128 days ago

I've been hunting your website trying to find out where to try to help someone get a car! My daughter and I are both big ELLEN fans. I'm writing on behalf of my daughter. She is a single Mom who has had a couple of bad years of NO luck at all. She suddenly finds herself a single mom of 3, her youngest child is special needs. When Christmas rolled around, there was a knock on her door. Her car was repossessed. Somehow she has managed to hang in there and keep her chin up. She has borrowed a car on occasion, but the borrowed car is falling apart (literally, pieces are falling off) and she can only drive it for 15 minutes before it overheats. This has been difficult in the extra cold, extra snowy Chicago area winter. She could really use a break. I pray that this note finds its way to the right place and that she might be blessed by being the winner of a new car. It would be life changing. Bless you!

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158 days ago

Hi, Ellen most likely you won't read this comment, but I will take my chances. I am writing you because I know you love helping the needy. My niece is a single mother of two on welfare without a car. My sister and I often travel 20 plus miles (one way) to take her grocery shopping or to the doctor. Having her own car would be the world to her and kids!!



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164 days ago

Ellen Degeneres, you are simply an AMAZING individual and have a heart of gold. After a DVRing an episode of your show, I was floored by your kindness. There was a message at the bottom of the screen indicating that if anyone needed a car to write you. I couldn't fin exactly where post, but other individuals have told their stories in hopes of being chosen for a new car. My boyfriend, whom has the big heart has recently lost his job and has had not the greatest of luck. He has a truck which is in poor condition and with many changes and decisions in the horizon he doesn't know where to begin. Luckily he has a college degree, but being very young he is confused about what exactly he wants to do with his life. Until a month ago he worked two jobs, but now things are different its as if he lost all hope. This wouldn't fix his problems, but it may life his spirits and restore his life. ~ Ellen, keep on shining

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170 days ago

Dear Ellen- Whenever I make it to the gym after work, I always strive to be there at 4 so that I can hop on the treadmill and turn on your show. Well, today, while tread milling and letting off some steam, I tuned in and got a great idea. So I’m going to share my story with you:

I got a phone call this morning from Patrick, my boyfriend (and roomie), letting me know that his car broke down again. We have been dating for a year and a half, and this is about the 10th time that his car has been in the shop since we’ve been together. Every time this happens, I get knots in my stomach. I know that he needs a new car. Bad. But his immediate fix to the problem is to continue investing in his 14 year old Jeep with 204K miles. I try to bite my tongue, (try, being the key word), knowing that this “investment” would be much better served in a newer, more fuel efficient car that won’t break down every few weeks, but I know I can’t get mad at him. After all, I was the one who just convinced him to apply to Pharmacy school and spend $120,000 investing in his future. And wouldn’t you know it? He got in.

Patrick is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. He is kind, generous, loving and extremely hard working, and I’m so lucky to call him mine. I’m nervous for the next three years when he is in school. I am a teacher,and have a difficult time supporting myself, let alone the two of us, in our tiny apartment. When Patrick goes to school, he will be commuting about an hour each way, every day. When I’ve mentioned moving closer to school, he refuses to talk about it, because he knows that my friends are here and we are close to my job. He doesn’t want to pull me out of a situation that is good for me. That’s Patrick.

He got the estimate back this afternoon about his car. $1500-$2000. He decided it was time to say goodbye to the Jeep. Thank goodness. Although I am incredibly relieved that he is not putting more money into his baby, I know it is really difficult for him. Aside from having to take his Jeep to the junkyard, he now has to figure out how to afford a car that will bring him to and from school for the next three years, on top of the cost of school and living expenses. I want to help Patrick in any way that I can. If I could buy him a brand new car (or any car?!), I would do it. If there is any way you can help me, I am all ears!

PS- We both adore you and your show. One of my favorite times to watch is when I'm in the dentist's chair getting my teeth cleaned and your show is on the tv. I start laughing so hard that the dentist has to stop cleaning. Thanks for all the laughs.

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Sandy Gagliostro
177 days ago

Well, I just was granted SSD and received money for back pay. I went out and bought a car. I paid 2500.00 for the car and end up putting in another 3000.00 in it. And it needs other parts and don't have the money to put into it. My husband works very hard what he does and we can't pay our mortage and the rest of the bills. So, we can't afford to put any more money into this car and we need it, for me to go back and forth to the doctor appointments since my husband can't get off work to take me. I wish something good wood happen and it never does. I just want to get and forth to my doctors appointment. Our live without that car is a living hell. My kids try to help me out, but they have there own livies and worries. I wish I have something to rely on.

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Barbara J. Bourne
185 days ago

Ellen, I want to win a car!! I had to sell my GPS equiped and heated seat and rear camera and huge map dashboard incase I don't know where I am going! It doesn't happen that often. I am so skinny and cold that I would love heated fabric seats in my car. I was afraid of wrecking the car by watching the video and still carry the card in my purse for Road Assistance from Subaru. I just kept getting robbed and couldn't figure it out. After 4 re-keyings I found it was my former girlfriend. I was hired to help her clean her million dollar mansion in Santa Fe and she took my keys and copied them. I called the police 5 times. Then $200,000.00 later, I gave up and went to my attorney. I owe him $250.00 so nothing happened again! I am a good honest person and don't deserve this. Please help me out. I love your show and actually would love to be on the show. It would be a blast. I can teach you to make great New Mexico chili. Red Green or Christmas. Chili sauce and cheese enchiladas. Christmas is a little of both red and green. Thanks for the laughs. Mom's kicking me out of her room. I am 56 and have no retirement now.

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Nancy Lee Garrett
195 days ago

Dear Ellen THIS IS A MUST READ!!!!
My name is Nancy Lee Garrett, I am a political activist.I have discovered several very disturbing reports about Dr Stanislaw Burzynski who is curing cancer. Most of his patients are children with brain cancer. Please see this unbelievable story of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who noninvasively cures cancer; including brain cancer which is one of the most difficult to cure. All the while the FDA and Pharmaceutical companies discredits him and his discovery; and launches a relentless vendetta and unprecedented campaign of persecution and destruction of his research and successful practice of curing cancer. I am writing to you in hopes that you can help me by using your POWER to help expose the FDA and Pharma companies who are the perpetrators of this plot to destroy Dr Burzynski's reputation and discovery. There are so many children that can be cured, who are not able to handle the conventional methods chemotherapy and radiation. This is all about money, don't believe anyone who tells you that Dr. Burzynski is a quack. Find out the truth yourself by investigating what I say is true. Please click on the link below I included in this letter.

PS I dvr your show everyday. So I can watch your show anytime I want. I like to watch your show with my granddaughter Mariah, when she comes to visit me, she also loves your show. I make her laugh when I dance with you and the audience. You have a healing affect on me when I watch you. DO YOU KNOW HOW WONDERFUL YOU ARE! I LOVE YOU! Also, when I watch you and Portia together you both literally glow with love. I am so happy that you found each other.

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Alyxiah Guerra
236 days ago

Dear Ellen, thank you for your show and being you. I watch your show practically everyday, as well as your friend Bethenny. It is so nice to see that people do care, acts of humanity, giving to others that are in need. Grab a snack, this comment might be a book, however, I will try to keep it to the point. Being on my own financially was something I was always proud of since the age of 17 when my mother came home to the cops there. I had called them due to the ages of 4-17 my step father sexually abused me and raped me. The police told her it is him or I. She threw my car keys at me and 40.00 and told me to get out, and I am taking just what I came into this world with..NOTHING. So I left. (She knew about the abuse through the years and threatened to send me to a home if I told, and he would threaten to kill my mother and myself if I told anyone. She took me to a counselor and the counselor told her in front of me that it was my fault for walking from the bathroom to my room in a towel after a shower, and it was his way of making me his). I lived in my car, worked, showered at rest areas and saved enough money to move to Iowa where I had some family. I started nursing school. Met a guy, fell in love, became pregnant and married. I was so sick during my pregnancy that I could not get out of bed and had to quit nursing school. Being a mother was my job, and the best job in the world. He cheated and was abusive. I had no money for an attorney and Legal Aid would not take the case due to it being custody. I lost my two daughters due to the fact I had started working at a bowling alley that had two bars, no attorney so that was unfit. Remarried had two kids. Lost my job in Florida where we lived due to a hurricane taking away the spas on the beach. At this time we were already going through a divorce, so I had no job, the place I rented was from a man that our kids went to the same private school together , he was friends with my husband, I only had cash to pay for all my bills at the time, so I paid my rent in cash, he said I never paid and I was evicted. Homeless, no job again...yep lost custody of my other two kids. Legal Aid would not take the case, attorneys wouldn't take payments. I went at that time to Tennessee to take care of my real father that my mother re-married 13 years ago. I remarried, we moved to Iowa, due to all of my kids are here, (and yes my two exes live in the same town as well), my 15 year old son lives with me, due to the fact his father has a founded case of child abuse against my son. He pulled a gun on him, my current husband and myself. No charges were filed because we live in a town that has maybee 2,000.00 people in it and his family is very prominent. His father also receives Social Security for my son due to him being disabled(his father). His father doesn't help me financially. I have been cleaning at the apartment complex we live in for money. My husband is a full time student an hour away that costs 80.00 a week in gas, closest school for what he is studying. He is in his 3rd year. We had to get help for rent a year ago MIRHA, they cancelled our help due to my sons address for his school is his fathers. Now after his physical abuse, me supporting him for three of the years we were together financially , and constantly looking for other women, I had the strength to kick him out. I just got a letter from our landlord saying that Dec.1st I will be evicted. I am facing being homeless, selling everything I had worked so hard for, not to mention my son will have to move back in with his father , because I can not have him homeless. During this time I have also contacted NCIS regarding my case of child abuse and sexual assault on my step father, I am waiting to hear back from them. Their should not be a limitation statute on pressing charges against this act , especially if it occurred when the person was a minor. One thing is that I have never seen myself as a victim, always a survivor and looking forward. But this last blow has me so down, that life just isn't happy. Never could I end my life, god I am not like that. It is just so hard that breathing hurts. I am sorry if this is all random in facts,, but I am crying as I write this and praying that whomever you choose for this vehicle truly appreciates it and I know their lives with be much better in a way that could have never been possible without you. Please continue to be you and do what you help so many people. Much love and blessings for you and to you.

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Jessica Medina
238 days ago

Ellen! I love you and your show! I watch you almost every day, and laugh out kids look at me like i'm crazy, but who's my time to forget the stresses of life.. I am a single mother of 4, ages 16,12,7 and 5. I was off of work due to stress leave for 6 months because my father was beaten in Modesto California and almost died. I live about 2.5 hrs from my parents so I stayed with them for a while while friends looked after my kids. in the meantime, my truck died. The cost of fixing it isn't worth it, and my budget won't allow either. I recently started working part-time at 12.50/hr and well to try and house/feed a family of 5 alone, you can imagine. I am currently driving my dad's 1994 mazda truck (small...very small truck) because he lost some of his vision and cannot drive anymore. while it does have 5 seatbelts (well, mine is broken...but shhh..) it is SUPER small for us! Also the top felt is coming off..and it's just a mess. I volunteer for a little league, high school sports and am always busy and giving of my time and energy..and hardly ever say NO because I believe what comes around, goes around. I am humbly asking for you to help me and my kids out during our hard times! Thank you so much!

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Barbara Kellerman
238 days ago

HI, I am a 76 yr old retired RN from the VA Medical Center Long Beach. I have a 48 yr old daughter, Shirley Kellerman, Who is in real need of a new car. Shirley works 2 jobs to make ends meet. She lives in Goleta, California. She is an independent contractor sports official for boys and girls, men and women's sports. She travels to games several times a week in her 1998 Chevy Blazer with over 300,000 miles on it. Her mechanic has keep it running pretty well but it has had no heat or cooling for the past 3-4 years. Her games range in distance from men's college lacrosse in San Luis Obispo to UCLA and other So Cal areas. When driving in the cold weather she puts on gloves, wool hat, heavy coats and then wraps a sleeping bag around her to keep warm. This makes quite a picture!! In the heat all she can do is open up everything and keep water nearby to drink and to pour over herself. Shirley has ADHA and has had a hard time finding permanent employment to supplement her game schedule altho she has recently found a job that does not require heavy lifting and such. She is a super hard worker who is fun and generous. People, especially the elderly and children really gravitate to her personality.
We both watch Ellen as much as we can and totally enjoy the show and her sense of humor. People have often commented that Shirley is like Ellen in her sense of humor and quick wit.
Shirley really needs a new vehicle and when I saw the "Need a new car" roll across the screen the other day decided to send in this short bio.
May your Holidays be full of Peace, Love, Health and Joy!!
Love, Barbara Kellerman

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242 days ago

Dear Ellen,

I am writing on behalf of my niece. She is an incredible young woman and has overcome many obstacles that most adults have never experience. As a teenager, she overcame homelessness and alcoholism. She was determined to obtain her high school diploma and did so, against terrible odds.

At the young age of 21 years old, she was placed in a position that most 21 year olds would run from and not look back. Instead of running, she made the conscious decision that it was up to her to step up and do what she felt was the right thing.

It all started with her older sister. Her older sister has a young child, which is my great-niece. The older sister is a very troubled soul and has made destructive choices for most of her adult life. My great-niece always stayed with my mother and step-father when her mother (the older sister) was incarcerated. However, when my step-father passed away earlier this year, my mother was too distraught to care for the young child.

This is when my niece, with the support of her boyfriend (both only 21 years old), made the decision to put their lives on hold for the sake of caring for my four year old great-niece. They have been working feverishly to ensure my great-niece’s best interests are met and are dedicated to her well-being.

They are making sure that my great-niece understands that she is not alone (even though her mother is absent by choice) and that she is loved. They are now expecting a child of their own and are in desperate need of a reliable vehicle for the four of them
It would be a true blessing for this unique family to receive a gift that supports their choices and reinforces that what they are doing is incredibly kind and does not go unnoticed by others.

My family wishes a Happy Thanksgiving to you and all of The Ellen Show staff.

RL - Elk Grove

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