Adoptable Pets of the Week

Marabelle is a 3-year-old poodle mix. She came to us from the Downey Animal Shelter with her recently birthed litter of puppies. Marabelle was spayed in the shelter and has fully recovered from her surgery and from giving birth. She is an amazingly sweet dog with a great spirit. She would do well in any type of home, and definitely deserves the best.

Pippa, Gomer, Gemma and Silvie
Pippa, Gomer, Gemma and Silvie are a litter of 9-week-old poodle mix puppies. They were rescued from the shelter with their mama, Marabelle. They are perfect little puppies. They love to play and get love and cuddles. They need a home where they will be the priority and receive tons of love and attention.

Jose is a 3-year-old chihuahua who was found roaming the streets. Jose is an adorable dog who loves to burrow and hide in blankets. He is extremely attached to his favorite teddy bear toy. Jose is a fantastic dog who deserves a great home.

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