It was a star-studded cast for Ellen's soap opera "The Tales of our Yesterday's Tomorrows," with Ellen, Jennifer Aniston and Portia de Rossi! But there were more surprises that some of the cast didn't even know about — Jen's own father, John Aniston, who has starred in "Days of Our Lives" since 1986 — made a cameo! Jen didn't know her father would be part of the skit — it was a complete surprise!

"Daddy!" she exclaimed as John walked in the door, the audience cheering. 

"I know you girls think that I am your father," he said to Ellen and Portia. "But I'm not. I'm her father!" he said, pointing to Jen. 

"Hi Daddy!" she screamed as she gave him a bear hug. Dressed, all the while, in a French maid's outfit.

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