Ellen sent the adorable Sophia Grace & Rosie to the Billboard Music Awards to chat with the stars. They had so much fun, we didn't have time for all of it in the show! Watch more of their adventure right here.


427 days ago

Keep on Keppin on with the A&F thing.....we are SOOOOOO with you


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Bertha Roper
428 days ago

Hey Ellen,
Thank you so much for all the laughter today! I really love when you have Sophia Grace and Rosie on the show. Sophia and Rosie looked like they had a ball at Billboard Music Awards. They are to adorable, very funny,really polite and very smart little girls. Sophie cracked me up with her responses.(LOL) They were absolutely amazing. I must say "There parent's doing such a wonderful job with them! Auntie Ellen is rhe greatest!

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